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Grade Levels

Equip Education operates under a different educational paradigm than most alternative methods of secondary education. We recognize that all students of a particular age do not progress academically at the same rate. God gives to each person a unique blend of characteristics which appear as we mature. It is natural that one student will be ready for a particular concept either earlier or later than the next student. Therefore, we decline the use of traditional grade levels in the assignment of our classes.

At Equip Education, we maintain seven academic levels which loosely correspond to traditional grades six through twelve. As a result, Grammar VI is typically composed of students whose age would indicate traditional grades 5,6, and 7.

The academic levels are named according to our evaluation of their place in the Trivium. The levels are Grammar VI, Dialectic I and II, and Rhetoric I, II, III, and IV. At the completion of Rhetoric IV, students are very well prepared for collegiate academic work.

We encourage families to enroll students in Equip Education in Grammar VI. As a practical matter, most places in the program are filled by students entering in Grammar VI and Dialectic I and it becomes difficult to find an open place in a class as the years progress.

Find out the details of each grade level by clicking on the images below.

Grammar VI Dialectic I Dialectic II Rhetoric I
Rhetoric II Rhetoric III Rhetoric IV

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