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2016-2017 Tuition and Fees

Tuition for 2016-2017: Dialectic I and II 4 classes: $1,725, 5 classes $2,125; Rhetoric I-IV 4 classes $1,925, 5 classes $2275. There is a $100 annual fee for participation in the speech club.


All students at Equip are required to wear a uniform shirt. Since we meet once per week, only one shirt is really necessary. Uniform shirts are $30 each and are purchased through Equip (usually at the orientation meeting).

Students at Equip must also purchase a uniform sweatshirt to be worn over their Equip uniform shirt whenever the student is cold. Uniform sweatshirts are $40 each and are purchased through Equip (usually at the orientation meeting). No other sweatshirts, coats, or jackets are permitted.

Books and Materials

Purchasing the necessary books and materials is the responsibility of the family. If all materials are purchased new, it will likely cost between $50 and $60 per academic class or $250-$300 for the year. However, many families purchase or borrow materials from other Equip families or friends. Families are free to obtain materials in the most cost effective way, but please be careful. In some instances, it is very important to obtain the correct version of the book. We also have a facebook group to connect families interested in buying/selling curriculum. It can be found here: Equip Curriculum Fair.

Online Math and Science Follow-up Class

An additional hour of mid-week math and science instruction is available for each math class and highschool level science class. Students log in to an online classroom each week with other students. All participants are able to hear each other and students are able to view a large, computerized blackboard where the instructor conducts instruction in that week's material and solves problems as students request. Most of the time is spent working various types of homework problems for that week. Math and science labs occur 30 weeks per year. The weekly online math class is included with tuition.

IOWA Testing

At the end of each year, Equip administers the IOWA Tests of Basic Skills. This is optional for Equip families. If a family elects to have Equip test the student, the fee is $50 per student.


There is a $150 fee for participation in the graduation ceremony for graduating seniors which doesn't come close to covering the costs of the ceremony.

Pay tuition here. The button offers tuition payments in several denomination and you are able to change the quantity of denomination in order to be more specific about the amount you desire to pay. A convenience fee is necessary to allow families the ability to use this service.
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