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What is Equip Education?

Equip Education is a non-profit, 501(c)3 ministry that provides supplementary, Christian, classical education to homeschoolers. Students are in class one day per week during a 34 week academic year. The program includes the core academics of classical education, competitve robotics and speech training. Classes focus on these subject areas: math, science, writing, great literary masterpieces, Christian worldview, and Latin. The program exceeds the Florida requirements for graduation. Most students join Equip Education at the level which corresponds to traditional school fifth grade. All of this information is presented in far greater detail in the pages of this website. A great place to start is here. Always feel free to contact us.

Mission Statement

To co-labor alongside home-educator parents to produce well educated, committed Christians.

Equip Essentials

Custom Christian
Evangelism for those needing Christ, discipleship for those knowing Christ

Educational Excellence
The best education in organized homeschooling

Top-Notch Teaching
An uncompromising commitment to great teaching

Operationally Outstanding
An organization that does things well

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