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      One area where Equip Education is similar to traditional secondary education is in the area of grading. Student assignments are regularly graded and weighted in order to arrive at a final grade point average for the class. All student grades are maintained via the online Sycamore gradebook to which each student and parent is given a login. The system has a wide variety of capabilities and allows the printing of a final report card covering all classes. Equip is careful to avoid grade inflation. High marks earned at Equip are very likely indicative of high marks in any other educational setting.

      The Equip Education grading scale is similar to many others:

Final Score Final Grade Quality Points
97-100 A+ 4.00
93-96 A 4.00
90-92 A- 3.67
86-89 B+ 3.33
83-85 B 3.00
80-82 B- 2.67
76-79 C+ 2.33
73-75 C 2.00
70-72 C- 1.67
66-69 D+ 1.33
60-65 D 1.00
0-59 F 0.00

      The Final Numerical Score for each class is typically composed of four elements: participation scores, homework scores, other assignment scores, and exam scores. These elements may be weighted differently from class to class. The weight of each element is found on the class syllabus which is distributed at the beginning of the year.

      If homework is completed as assigned, year-long Equip classes involve at least 120 contact hours and therefore earn one credit calculated according to the Carnegie Unit standard.

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