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This page is designed to assist families with children who are too young for Equip Education or who would like to enroll a student in Equip after Dialectic I (7th grade) and who would like to make sure their student is as well prepared as possible. What follows are a few suggestions about the type of work that will smooth the transition for your student into our educational environment.

General Matters

By the grace of God, home educated students are not beaten into a pre-defined mold that they might not hinder the smooth operation of some institution. Typically, these students are accustomed to a relaxed and joyful educational environment where learning is fun and loved for its own sake. This is a wonderful foundation which Equip Education will use to build the skills and knowledge necessary for success at university. Students and families should be prepared for a little more formality during the class day than they are most likely utilizing at home. We enjoy our day together and have a lot of laughs, but we are serious about education. Students must be able to sit through a class of one hour and ten minutes without a break and without disruption of the classroom. They must be able and willing to follow the behavior and dress codes found in our handbook. And most importantly, they must be open to our mission of building disciples of Jesus Christ. There is no statement of faith required for admission to the program, but we will not allow scornful students to poison our classrooms.

Students Entering in Dialectic I


Intro to Writing at Equip Education utilizes the IEW Structure and Style course supplemented with Analytical Grammar. Students who have had exposure to the IEW system prior to entering Equip will feel quite comfortable in our class. Analytical Grammar has a junior program we recommend for young students as well.


We utilize First Form Latin from Memoria Press in our introductory Latin class and recommend that students arrive with some prior work in the language. The First Form program is methodical and thorough and is the first in a two year Latin sequence. Students find Latin I much more enjoyable when it is not their first look at a foreign language. We recommend the Latina Christiana I program from Memoria Press as an appropriate precursor to First Form Latin. However, prior experience with Latin is not a requirement and diligent students do fine even without it.


Dialectic I math at Equip is composed of the BJU Pre-Algebra program. Skills necessary to success in Pre-Algebra are found in the Math-U-See Zeta program, which we recommend students complete prior to entering Equip. Whether or not you choose Math-U-See, the skills covered in the Zeta program are the foundation we need. This is espectially true of the work with fractions. Student are at a real disadvantage if they are not comfortable adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions. Trust us! We also recommend having the student write out their times table from 1x1=1 to 12x12=144 three times per week during the year prior to entering Equip. An instantaneous recall of these math facts will serve your student well throughout their mathematics career. Additionally, check out our tips for using the Khan Academy Website here. The Khan Academy is a huge blessing to the aspiring math student!

Students Entering after Dialectic I

If you are considering joining the program in Dialectic II, it is important that the student be familiar with Analytical Grammar Season 1. The D2 writing class will focus on Season 2, so students are well advised to make sure everything in Season 1 is tied down. We also recommend completing the First Form Latin program prior to entering Equip. This allows your student to join the program as a Second Form student and remain with their normal classmates for Latin.

If you are considering joining the program in Dialectic III, we recommend an entire year of Algebra prior to entering Equip. Our Honors Algebra I class in Dialectic III is a fast moving class which is very difficult for students who do not have a good grip on many of the Algebra core concepts. Additionally, Analytical Grammar Seasons 1 and 2 are necessary for success in the Dialectic III writing class. Since the D3 writing class forms a continuation of the D2 writing class, it is highly advisable for the student to be familiar with Lessons 1-4 of Lost Tools of Writing.

Students Entering after Dialectic III

If you are considering joining the program in the Rhetoric levels, Equip assumes that a solid foundation in grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and essay writing is in place. Considerable writing is assigned in our program and students who are not able to write effectively will be at a disadvantage. The Equip approach to mathematics is a serious one, so consider carefully the level of mathematics for which the student is prepared.

Remember, the most important thing your student needs to succeed at Equip is a love of learning. We learn so that we are able to be anything and everything the Lord might have in mind. If there are further questions on this topic, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@equipeducation.org.

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