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As an a la carte program (meaning families can elect to take one class or ten classes!), tuition is calculated on a per-class basis. Equip tuition includes the selected Individual Course Fees, Registration Fees (per student) as well as an Administrative Fee that applies per family. Before a student can begin any course at Equip, the Registration and Administrative Fees must be paid in advance as well as a minimum $100 deposit per class. To view the individual courses offered, as well as their descriptions and costs, click here: Equip Year 2022-2023 - Google Docs. To view the information regarding additional fees, available discounts, and payment options, click here: Fees & Payment Policies - Google Docs.

Books and Materials

Separate from Equip Tuition Costs, families are responsible for purchasing the necessary books and materials required by the course. Links to the curriculum are provided on the Course Description Page. Equip Year 2022-2023 - Google Docs. It is very important to obtain the correct version of the book, so always double-check what version is required in the current course description before buying used curriculum. We also have a Facebook group to connect families interested in buying/selling curricula. It can be found here: Equip Education Community.

Making Payments Through PayPal / Credit Card

We accept zelle and check with no fees. To make a payment towards your Equip Tuition via PayPal with use of a Credit Card, please note that convenience fees will be added. A $1.75 fee is charged for $25 payments, a $3.00 fee is charged for $50 payments, and a $5.00 fee is charged for $100 payments. You will need to add these fees into the total due if you choose to pay via credit card through paypal.


Equip is an approved provider to the Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Learners through the Step Up Program. If your student is a recipient of this scholarship your tuition costs will be reimbursed in full by FES.

Pay tuition here. A convenience fee is necessary to allow families to utilize this service.

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