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There is an annual registration fee of $25. A minimum $100 deposit is required to register per class. As an a la carte program, tuition is on a per class basis. Core classes generally cost $450 per class and electives are generally $350 per class. There may be some variation depending on the class.

Books and Materials

Purchasing the necessary books and materials is the responsibility of the family. If all materials are purchased new, it will likely cost between $50 and $60 per academic class or $250-$300 for the year. However, many families purchase or borrow materials from other Equip families or friends. Families are free to obtain materials in the most cost effective way, but please be careful. In some instances, it is very important to obtain the correct version of the book.We also have a facebook group to connect families interested in buying/selling curriculum. It can be found here: Equip Education Community.

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